Ramboll Middle East’s Director of MEP & Sustainability Chairs the 2014 MEP Conference in Qatar

11 June 2014
Ramboll Middle East’s Director of MEP and Sustainability, Bill Jolly, recently chaired the MEP Conference 2014 in Doha, Qatar.  Bill’s role at this event was to introduce the conference and moderate each panel discussion.


 Rabab Husain

Rabab Husain

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The conference took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Doha on 4 June 2014 and was well attended with approximately 150 industry professionals representing internationally recognised consultancies, clients and developers as well as government officials and MEP engineers from the Middle East.
In Bill’s welcome address he highlighted the importance of innovation knowledge sharing especially within the field of MEP and sustainability in a region where construction activities are scheduled to significantly escalate to meet the anticipated construction demand proposed for the 2022 World Cup.

The conference contained some key panel discussions which included senior industry leaders. 

Each session was aimed at presenting the very latest innovative construction ideas associated with MEP Engineering and Sustainability and addressing pressing issues within this industry.

The topics included:

  • MEP Engineering in Transport and Infrastructure;
  • Importance of HSE in MEP Engineering;
  • Regulatory and Contractual Requirements and Mitigating Risk;
  • Materials and Logistical Management, Smart Procurement and Local Manufacturing;
  • Energy Efficiency in HVAC Systems; and
  • Understanding the Importance to optimize BIM Design and MEP Engineering.

A number of issues were discussed at length and resulted in some very important statements being made.

During discussion on “MEP Engineering in Transport and Infrastructure” one of the guest speakers stated that “there are a number of rail projects across the GCC and all of these projects will be looking to the same relatively small pool of technical experts to deliver the MEP design requirements.”

For the panel discussion on “HSE in MEP Engineering”, Bill encouraged the delegates of the conference to become involved in this topic. As a result a number of issues were discussed including knowledge transfer in this sector as well as the critical HSE data in Qatar which became a ‘hot topic”.

Some interesting discussions were held with regards to “The Regulatory, Contractual Requirements and Mitigating Risk”. A key theme was the recommendation that construction professionals should ensure contracts are methodically administered to reduce and potentially mitigate risk for all parties concerned.

In a region where construction is challenging the panel discussion regarding “Materials and Logistical Management, Smart Procurement and Local Manufacturing” addressed a multitude of key initiatives which are available in the region. Pre-fabrication, local suppliers, overseas supplies and sustainability challenges were all considered at great length.

“Energy Efficiency in HVAC Systems” was also a crucial panel discussion where important issues were considered such as, main chiller plant selection and air delivery system selections along with the reason why it is important that significant selection criteria in the design process should be evaluated. The discussion revolved around Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems and the advantages of energy efficient chiller plant to achieve stringent sustainability targets whilst designing to satisfy the extreme Middle East weather conditions.

The conference ended with a session on the “Understanding the Importance to optimize BIM Design and MEP Engineering.” This again was an opportunity for the audience to be involved in addressing the challenges which Building Information Modelling (BIM) brings to the design process.

The event was well structured, addressed the pressing issues associated MEP Engineering within the region and was widely acknowledged by all the delegates who attended. Prior to closing the conference, Bill thanked MEP Middle East Magazine for arranging a successful MEP conference that offered an opportunity to transfer knowledge with industry professionals from the Middle East region.

It is anticipated a full article/report will be available in the next publication (July 2014) of the MEP Middle East Magazine. Some of the discussions have already been publicized online by Construction Week:

Importance of HSE in MEP Engineering

MEP Engineering in Transport and Infrastructure



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