From West to East, Rayed Boasts Global Experience as Associate for Environment

30 March 2014

Ramboll prides itself on its eclectic and global team, bringing together the very best professional's with the most extensive experience from different places and backgrounds.

Rayed Abou-Hantash is an Associate on the Environment team at Ramboll Middle East, sharing insight from his over 15 years of work in both Canada and the Middle East.

Rayed spent his earlier years in Canada, where he was born and raised. He completed his studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, obtaining his Civil Engineering degree to later embark on a career with Gartner Lee Ltd.  With Gartner, he began working within the Environmental engineering field on projects that have a specific focus on environmental management and environmental Impact Assessments.  Rayed gained valued knowledge in the execution of projects, especially with planning and work program development, implementation and management.

At one point, Rayed decided that he wanted to return to the Middle East to reconnect with his roots. He decided to move his family to Jordan as a way to reestablish ties with both family and the Arabic culture of which he had for so long missed.  With his relocation came a new opportunity with leading Consultancy, AECOM, completing two years at the company before joining Ramboll in 2013. 


Based in Jeddah, Rayed is eager and excited about the development boom that is now happening in the gulf, specifically in Saudi Arabia.  The amount of opportunities in the region, now especially due to the new substantial interest in sustainability and environment, presents both a challenge and a demand for superior work.  "The market is competitive, and we need to show clients that we stand out with a better quality of work and the best team for the job." 


One of Rayed's favorite aspects of joining Ramboll is his teams' effort and friendliness.  With staff in offices all over the region including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha, he values the fact that the Environment staff is so welcoming, contributes, and hold each other in high respect regardless of any distance between them.


"We have a great team that is young, vibrant, and eager to work.  I'm optimistic about what we can achieve and what we are capable of building with such a great group of people working on our side."


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