Response magazine – a smarter approach to resource optimisation

12 October 2014
The second issue of Response addresses how global society can approach resource scarcity by bringing smart, efficient and sustainable solutions to the table.


Morten Peick

Morten Peick

Senior Group Director, Clients, Communication & Marketing
T: +45 5161 6065


By 2050, about 9.5 billion people will populate the planet. More people mean more pressure on resources, which are far from unlimited.

This issue of Response is dedicated to resource optimisation. We wish to discuss how global society can utilise, prioritise and optimise resources to make the most of what we’ve got and secure the needs of future generations. And we bring interesting insights from industries, experts and decision-makers.

Work smarter

Response offers an inspirational array of local projects and cases showing ways to stretch resources, bring down carbon emissions and work smarter. It covers different disciplines like planning, governance and design, where Ramboll has a long tradition of combining technology development with creative reuse to make resources last and buildings live longer.

Take a look at Response issue 02 2014



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