Extensive research supports implementation of Danish public school reform

The Danish school reform is an effort to create better learning conditions in a public school that calls for improvements of pupils’ current literacy, motivation, and engagement. Indeed, in order to implement such an ambitious and significant reform a substantial amount of research and knowledge within the educational field is required.

Ramboll has therefore since 2013 gathered extensive research within six central themes to create a robust foundation for the reform. In the summer of 2014, Ramboll could present six reports each covering a different theme within teaching, learning, and motivation.

Initially, 7,000-10,000 references from the last 10 years were screened for each theme to determine which initiatives could create increased learning and motivation in the new reform. Finally, the reports were developed into practice-oriented leaflets to inspire practitioners across the country.

Best practices offer inspiration to teachers

The leaflets offer hands-on, effective examples based on best practices within the educational area, which may inspire and guide practitioners. They bring profound knowledge to the Ministry’s work of developing the public school, and come in handy for teachers, leaders, local authorities, and political decision-makers involved in and working to improve the Danish public school.

Thomas Jordan Johannessen, Ramboll project manager, mentions in-depth knowledge and know-how as essential for the new reform:

- Both reports and leaflets should not be viewed as instructions – they are guidelines for practitioners to be implemented in their own practice. Teachers must embrace experiments, but at the same time be inspired by research in order to adapt teaching to the individual pupil. Innovative and varied methods of teaching spark new ways of learning for the pupils, which is essential in the new reform.

Research receives a warm welcome

Understanding the everyday well-being and engagement of pupils equip teachers to jointly accomplish the job of implementing the new reform, acknowledges the Danish Minister of Education, Christine Antorini:

- The reports confirm that it is important for teachers and pedagogues to be continuously updated and have access to the necessary knowledge and information. Such access is essential to create a fruitful teaching environment and increase the children’s well-being.

The findings from the reports have been included in a number of seminars held by the Ministry of Education for both municipalities and schools to equip teachers in the best possible way.

Research collaborators

The six research reports were developed in collaboration with:

  • Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research (DCU) by University of Aarhus
  • VIA, UCC, and Metropol University College.


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