Hackney Central and Dalston Town Centre masterplan strategies

Dalston Town Centre traffic masterplanning. Ramboll

Dalston Town Centre traffic masterplanning. Ramboll


Stepan Ruzicka

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We have been supporting the urban designers in the creation of a comprehensive regeneration strategy for two tightly developed local centres in the London Borough of Hackney. This work complements the Mayor’s London Plan, which incorporates the regeneration of designated town centres within the capital. Transport for London is a key partner and stakeholder in the development of both master plans.

The two town centres we looked at suffer similar constraints. These include bisection by major traffic thoroughfares, overall congestion, limited open spaces and opportunities for development, and land either occupied by or safeguarded for future rail schemes — the East London Line and Crossrail 2. In terms of perception, both areas have a reputation for crime. Ambitious plans to create employment and retail opportunities — and to supply sufficient residential accommodation to meet projected population growth — require intelligent and well co-ordinated use of the space available.

Our transport planning and sustainability consultants have worked together to sift the options and present various development scenarios. In each case, we have identified a preferred option, providing clear and extensive supporting information to the client.

strategic environmental assessment - SEA

Together with Matrix Partnership for London Borough of Hackney, Ramboll UK helped develop the regeneration strategy masterplans for the town centres of Hackney and Dalston. The objective of the masterplans was to regenerate the town centres and enhance their roles as retail and economic centres for the borough.

We provided input in relation to transport, sustainability and environmental issues in order to develop a comprehensive, co-ordinated approach in assessing the development opportunities. The Sustainability Appraisal (SA), incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) for each area, set out the likely significant social, environmental and economic effects of a number of development options, while seeking to enhance the environment and encourage sustainability.

This collaborative and iterative approach to forming the regeneration strategy resulted in the identification of a preferred option with the benefit of clearly documented supporting information.

The masterplans were subsequently adopted as Supplementary Planning Documents forming part of the emerging Local Development Framework for Hackney Borough.


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