Ammana Vaishnavi Reddy, Software Engineer Rambase Technical

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Ammana Vaishnavi Reddy

Software Engineer, Rambase Technical

My job

The contemporary world is all about digitisation and technology. My interest in coding, designing software and digital content is what drew me to this field. As a full-stack software developer at Ramboll, I am working on sustainable global projects like the Green BIM Project which maximises the conservation of resources, promotes environmental protection and pollution control. 

My journey and career path

I grew up in a city called Siddipet, which is about 100 km from Hyderabad in India, I was exposed to digitisation early on in my life.  Apart from being known as a pilgrimage site, Siddipet happens to be the first cashless district in the state and was used as a model for other places to replicate. I often draw inspiration from the way my city has grown digitally over the years.

Like most youngsters, social networking sites interest me, but what I liked more was the back-end coding that made these sites functional and my curiosity to try new codes is what made my foray into software engineering.