Himanshu Negi, Marketing and Communications Consultant

Open positions

My job

I am a seasoned marketing communications professional who has been helping organisations tell their story by leveraging new and traditional media. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with top-notch private and public sector enterprises managing corporate reputation and acting as brand custodian. I was inclined towards the marketing communications industry since I was young and often used creativity in different forms for self-expression. 

The Ramboll experience

As a marketing and communications consultant, I joined the Digital Development Centre (DDC) at Ramboll in March 2021. DDC is currently building an extensive portfolio of innovative products and services to enable digital transformation at Ramboll. I am responsible for building brand awareness, encouraging the adoption of automation in design and engineering, and amplifying the reach of products by leveraging Ramboll’s internal and external channels of communication.

Working at Ramboll has been an enriching experience. Why do I say that? Digital is all-pervasive, and I firmly believe that advances in technology and the evolution of marketing are inextricably intertwined. Getting the opportunity to be part of a unit dedicated to digital transformation was a new experience for me and incredibly exciting. It gave me a chance to learn and explore digitalisation in a true sense and add new skills to my repertoire. That, for me, is the best thing about my job.

To top it all, Ramboll is deeply committed to improving the built environment, and the Digital Development Centre is leading the way. And that gives me the motivation to be at my best. 

Also, my colleagues at DDC are warm and helpful. I joined virtually during the pandemic and had trouble initially understanding things. But their calm demeanour and empathy made collaboration a thoroughly enjoyable process.

Technology: The propeller

Technology, like most industries, is transforming the way marketing is done. Marketers are now leveraging the power of technology to expedite workflow and get better results. Marketing automation tools are widely used for automating tasks, performing analytics, and social listening- which eventually helps marketers inform their marketing strategies. I firmly believe marketing technology will take giant steps forward in the time to come. 
I studied bachelor’s in commerce and followed that with a master’s in business administration in marketing. I firmly believe both education and experience have played a crucial role in becoming a competent professional. Education gave me the necessary knowledge to understand the fundamentals for doing my job well. On the other hand, my decade-long professional experience in marketing communications has armed me with analytical and strategic thinking.

Lifelong Learner

For me, learning never stops, and every moment in my professional journey has been full of knowledge and improvement. Some of the hard skills that I have honed over the years are a strong understanding of marketing principles, social media marketing, content writing, search engine optimisation, and data analysis. Soft skills include business communication, good listening skills, creativity, and critical thinking.

I continue to expand my knowledge base by learning online courses and keeping abreast of the latest developments in marketing to stay competitive.
If you are someone new to the industry, I would advise having a solid foundation by focusing on marketing principles, being a lifelong learner, acting with integrity, and importantly- letting your creative juices flow.