Jeremy Yew, Graduate Transport Consultant, based in Singapore

Open positions

 A Geography Major with an interest in Engineering

It may come as a surprise for some – especially given how engineering-focused the work I do is - but my background was in geography. I always had an interest in urban planning, hence the bachelor’s in social sciences (Majoring in Geography), but my equal interest in cars and automobiles brought me to transport planning – which I think is a perfect match in aligning my interests with a full-time vocation. I started my internship with the Ramboll Smart Mobility team in May 2021 which spanned six months, and then back to school to complete my degree. I simply couldn’t get the wonderful experience I had with Ramboll out of my mind, and after I graduated, I called the Ramboll team to enquire after full-time opportunities, and I guess I am one of the lucky ones! I managed to land my full-time position here.

What I do as a Transport Engineer
I consider myself to be a bit of a perfectionist, and often focus on channelling my energy towards accomplishing projects one at a time and ensuring that they are done to the best of my abilities. I have worked on the 3-dimensional pedestrian simulations for a couple of MRT train stations here in Singapore, and it was extremely exciting to be part of creating and optimising the pedestrian flow to prevent overcrowding. It’s funny, because now when I take the train home, I’ll be picturing myself as one of those 3D people on my simulation moving around. 3D simulations are my favourite kinds of projects to work on, as they’re like a different challenge that requires creative troubleshooting. I cannot describe the sense of relief and joy that I feel when I finally witness the model running smoothly and meeting the clients’ requirements – it’s a great feeling.

In the 6 months I have been with Ramboll as a full-time Transport Consultant, I can honestly say that the job, like any, comes with its highs and lows. There are periods where I am busy and the work is back-to-back, and that’s a huge challenge on your time, but I personally see it as a learning opportunity where I push myself to take on more responsibilities and projects that would make me a develop and grow even further in my role. Being at Ramboll is definitely one of the greatest challenges of my young adult life, but it is rewarding and engaging in the best way.

A Diverse Culture, Supportive Teams, One-of-a-Kind Experience

A great team separates my time here at Ramboll from the other work experiences I’ve had in the past. For one, Ramboll offers so much to learn – every day is different – and the projects that you get placed on put you in the centre of the action. Whereas in other places interns may be expected to push paperwork or are given a small segment of a project to work on, which can be very isolating, Ramboll trusts you and gives you the opportunity to put you in the thick of things, and I believe that’s where the learning really stems from.

The smart mobility team has a culture that embraces mutual support 100%, helping one another out, and team bonding. We work hard when we need to but sharing a joke with the team is something that’s commonplace and is a culture that you just can’t force – this good company is all so natural. It is precisely this team culture that was the main allure for me in considering a full-time role at Ramboll. I remember an instance when I first joined the team as an intern, I must have been asking a slew of questions to a more senior member of the team. These were also really simple questions that didn’t require much experience or expertise. They could have easily asked me to ‘Google’ the answer, but showed me great patience in answering my questions, and took the time to guide me along the governance, processes, and projects at Ramboll.

Therefore, in my position as a graduate Transport Consultant, I take the time to return the favour to new interns who have joined and can feel a little lost, as I understand the feeling and I want to be able to help them out whenever I can. I am a big believer in paying it forward – as that’s what really cements a team’s culture, one that I am so grateful to experience at Ramboll in my first full-time role.