Serena Orr, Environmental Consultant

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Serena Orr

Environmental Consultant

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My job

I have been associated with Ramboll since March 2019, first as a casual and now full-time employed as an Environmental Consultant. As part of my role, I am an ROV Pilot (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and work within marine biosecurity. It is my job to record and assess non-indigenous marine pests within the shipping industry, conducting biosecurity inspections and ensuring operating practices are sustainable. I am also part of a team that is focussing on Impact Assessment for the oil & gas sector, including environmental surveying of sites. 

Serena Orr, Environmental Consultant

Ramboll transformed my passion for conservation into my profession

I have always loved the water and having grown up in New Zealand you are never too far from the ocean. My Dad had a boat, so we always had access to the ocean and its resources. I first tried scuba diving when I was 13 and loved it. By the age of 15, I completed my scuba divers license so I could explore the sea. I wanted to understand what I was seeing underwater, which led me to study marine science and biological sciences at the University of Auckland. My passion for conservation and environmental advocacy was heightened through my education, peers, hobbies and by witnessing our changing marine ecosystem.

At Ramboll, health & safety is a key priority. During my very first week of joining the company full-time, I was sent to Taranaki in New Zealand for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. The training has prepared me to handle any emergency situation while working on offshore platforms. 

I love what I do here at Ramboll because it can be a perfect balance between practical work and theory; I have been able to transform my passion for conservation into my profession. My job allows me to spend a lot of time in nature where I can observe the impact of various anthropogenic effects, record and prepare relative statistical data. Although I am part of a team, and I receive support from my fellow team members, there have been many occasions while carrying out practical work that I have made calls as the sole Ramboll employee on-site. This responsibility promotes trust within our team.

In my spare time, I am either off hiking, rock-climbing or free-diving. I enjoy pursuing activities that are immersed in nature, leaving a place exactly how I found it if not in better condition (e.g. beach clean-ups). I try to reduce materialism by opting for second-hand products where possible and open opportunities for discussions in sustainability. I am conscious of what I consume, educating myself on where my food comes from and trying to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible.  

Serena Orr, Environmental Consultant