Srinidhi Venugopal, Urban Designer & Business Representative

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My Origins 

I’ve lived in Chennai most of my life and I have witnessed first-hand the city’s paradoxical relationship with water. We get tremendous rains, during the monsoon season and we experience floods in the city. Yet in the summer, most of our lakes and other smaller bodies of water dry up. This is not unique to my city, but rather a widespread problem across numerous cities in India.

When I was a child, two things inspired me to be a town planner – with a specific focus on water infrastructure and its relationship with the city. First, the garbage-filled streets, and second, the complex relationship our city had with water. I learned that I needed a foundation in architecture to make the real difference I aspired to, which is the reason why I pursued a dual master’s degree in urban design and urban planning at the University of Michigan. 

 Srinidhi Venugopal, Urban Designer & Business Representative India

Meet Srinidhi Venugopal, Urban Designer & Business Representative for India

Why Ramboll?

In 2018, I had the opportunity to work with Ramboll’s blue-green infrastructure business – Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl in Singapore. It was an opportunity that I had to take! It’s been almost three years since I joined the team, and I thoroughly enjoy being involved in the intricate planning processes – from design conceptualisation to execution processes. Now that I’m back home in India, I’m heartened to have been educated and exposed to the numerous changes which Ramboll can bring about with regard to India’s blue-green infrastructure.
In late 2020, I then transitioned the Urban Designer and Business Representative for India. While the work we do in the blue-green infrastructure is new in India, Ramboll is more than experienced and familiar with such projects – having multiple offices scattered across the globe, boasting 13,000 experts worldwide, and allowing to work with a variety of global business units where our expertise comes into focus especially when we team up on intriguing multi-disciplinary projects. 

Ramboll has allowed me to literally live my dream, by allowing me to be involved in work that makes a difference to me – and society at large. I have had the opportunity to work on projects and competitions at different scales, all of which I am incredibly proud of. The one I enjoyed working on the most was a competition for RMZ called Vertex in Hyderabad. DP Architects and Ramboll partnered on this proposal, and while we didn’t win the competition, it was our gateway into the Indian market.  

I love my job because Ramboll really goes out of the way to ensure everyone is comfortable in their role and provides the support required to flourish. Since moving back to India and assuming a business development role, Ramboll’s leadership has been very supportive and encouraging. I have weekly meetings to discuss business strategies and how we can achieve them, and how we solve any issues or difficulties I may be facing. Ramboll’s leadership gives me the confidence to do my job to the best of my abilities. I also appreciate the highly matrixed structure which allows for the flexibility to tap on the expertise of anyone, at any time. It makes the office feel more like working with family, and each day is a true pleasure. 

Aligning perfectly with my efforts to live a sustainable life and contribute to the environment in whatever capacity I can, Ramboll has done commendable work by keeping in mind our sustainable future and has been instrumental in building natural habitats for flora, fauna, and people to coexist in. Our focus on the water story ensures no drop is wasted and our projects have a huge positive environmental impact. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to continue working in my role in Chennai, I couldn’t refuse! I believe that the work Ramboll does in the blue-green infrastructure will positively impact the way water and landscape are looked at in Indian cities. It means everything to me that I get to be a part of the larger picture in a sustainable future.


Why Ramboll is the place to be: My advice to graduates and young scholars 

To me, there are two important factors which come into play when choosing a place to work. The first – Does the firm resonate with your beliefs, and are they doing the type of work you can see yourself doing? The second, and this is a crucial one – Are the people working in the firm, the right kind of people who align with your values and share a common goal? Working with the right set of people has an astounding impact on your performance. At Ramboll, our colleagues are positive and in the habit of constantly supporting and encouraging one other, are easy to approach, and ultimately uplift the general atmosphere of the workspace. I was lucky, both these boxes are checked for me in my role at Ramboll, and are important factors to consider with any job search.