Sulabh Gupta, Structural Design Engineer

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Sulabh Gupta

Design Engineer - Structures

T: +91 124 4611999
Born and raised in the north Indian state of Punjab, in a small town called Kotkapura, I graduated in civil engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Before joining Ramboll, I worked for ASC Infratech for about two years.  

At Ramboll, I have had the opportunity to work on challenging projects like the Udhampur Ramban Expressway which is a project of national importance and will lead to an improved and smooth, all-weather connectivity between Jammu and Srinagar via a four-lane highway. 

Making a difference

A few months ago, Ramboll provided me with an opportunity to work on community upliftment project known as ‘Bridges to Prosperity’ where we helped build a bridge in Gashyushya, Rwanda. Supported by the Ramboll Foundation, this project involved the actual construction of a bridge rather than just designing it on paper, and for me, this is perhaps the most fulfilling experience of my career to date 

Crossing the Makurungwe River in Rwanda can be dangerous but, it is something that members of the Gashyushya community must do every day – whether it is to go to the market, school or even to the hospital. The river frequently floods for days at a time, causing injuries and death for people who attempt to cross. I was excited about learning more about the ‘Bridges to Prosperity’ opportunity and to make an impact on the lives of the people living in that community.

The ‘Bridges to Prosperity’ project was a truly global initiative – the team from Ramboll comprised of five engineers from different countries, and together we could achieve great results. We had the chance to work alongside the ‘Bridges to Prosperity’ staff and community members. I enjoyed the bridge inauguration celebration with the local community. 

One of the best things about Ramboll is that we have the opportunity to work with colleagues from around the world as well as international NGOs. Throughout this project, I learnt about the importance of teamwork and coordination with all stakeholders, which is essential while working on a project site. This project has contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth. I am proud to work for a company like Ramboll that encourages projects like these which make a difference to the society we live in.