Sushmitha Govu, Software Engineer

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Sushmitha Govu

Software Engineer, Software Services Technical

T: +91 40 4032 2000

My job

My job entails exploring the latest technology trends in automation for sustainability-oriented projects that assess the carbon emissions in buildings and suggest alternate material/methods that are sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

I’ve always been passionate about problem-solving and coding, so working for Ramboll as a full-stack software developer I get to explore and review the latest technology trends in automation projects. 

Continuous innovation

I joined Ramboll’s software services department straight from university and although a fresh college graduate, my colleagues empowered me from the start to handle responsibilities independently and to adopt a culture of continuous innovation that keeps the workspace dynamic. 

My first assignment at Ramboll was the National EMF portal developed for the Department of Telecommunications in India that measures the radiation from telecom towers is safe for public exposure while creating awareness among the public. Recently I have been assigned the Green Building project, which gives me the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues globally and work on interesting international projects.

What I like most about Ramboll is that it is owned and run by the Ramboll Foundation and employees. This ownership promotes transparency in the company’s functioning, and employees like me feel a strong sense of ownership.