Ankit Neema, Project Manager

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Ankit Neema

Project Manager

T: +91 40 4032 2000

My job

I started my career as a Radio Frequency (RF) field engineer, and today I am working as a Project manager and have garnered a range of experiences along the way. I am responsible for the RF and Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) services in the Telecom business - including team management, planning, execution, reporting, coordination and liaising with clients.

Meet Ankit Neema, Project manager

A decade with Ramboll

I joined in 2009, at a time when the Radio Frequency (RF) measurement service was to be initiated in the Telecom Business. Although I just had a year’s experience as an Engineer back then, I was given the opportunity to initiate and establish this service, including recruitment and developing a team and eventually expanding the service internationally. 

Endless opportunities

Ramboll is a people-friendly organisation that offers the opportunity to work with talented experts. Through my time at Ramboll, I have worked on a range of different projects in differing capacities. Experts at senior levels, our Nordic counterparts and colleagues across the globe are easily accessible, and knowledge sharing is a continuous process. 

The passion for engineering excellence is the same for small- and large-scale projects. Although I have worked on a range of projects in India and internationally, my most cherished project is the first RF project called RF and Line of Sight (LoS) survey for Alcatel Lucent India in Kerala, India. This project was small in scale but an unforgettable experience and subsequently paved the way for many more projects big and small, establishing RF service as an essential service in Ramboll’s Telecom business.