Annika Renheim, Division Director

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Annika Renheim

Country Market Director of Ramboll Water in Sweden

T: +46 (10) 615 63 57

My job

As the Division Director for Water, I help manage urban water for cities in Sweden. 

We work mostly with pipeline networks but also with surface water and retention ponds, which help prevent flooding, and with what is called ‘blue/green infrastructure’ that combines green spaces with water management. 

Water is a precious resource and something that we must protect. This means that we need to plan extensively to make sure that future generations will also have clean water and not go thirsty.

Develop yourself – and Ramboll

What I really like about working at Ramboll is that the values we have here are aligned with my own. 

Integrity, passion and respect for each other are all things that make my job meaningful and motivating. 

And to be able to work in an environment where there is room to develop yourself professionally, while also helping the company develop, is extremely rewarding.

In it for the long run

For me it is important that this company is owned by a foundation.

That makes it easier to actually carry out long-term planning. It means a lot as an employee to feel Ramboll has a secure future.

Being able to look ahead helps us adjust to the world we live in and the changes in society that are occurring, so that our day-to-day work here makes sense for the future as well.