Camilla Firman, Senior Urban Planning Consultant, Environment & Health, based in Sydney

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A Flat Working Culture

I’m based out of beautiful Sydney and am relatively new in the Ramboll office having joined the team as a Senior Planner in September of 2021.

My team is wonderful and collaborative – a working style that I really appreciate as there is no feeling of hierarchy. It has truly been wonderful learning from the breadth of experience from my team members, each with their unique skillsets – this has been really insightful and educating.

Unique and Challenging Projects

Each of the projects I have worked on have been so unique –with their own hurdles, challenges, issues, and particularities to resolve and work through and requiring out-of-the-box thinking and critical problem-solving. I find these challenges are not only enjoyable but also rewarding. In addition, the exposure to both local and international collaborations with team members and clients is something I have also really enjoyed, as it adds to the dimension of my time here at Ramboll.

Finetuning Existing Skillsets and Promoting Career Growth

Since joining the Ramboll team, I have felt supported in my career growth and journey in urban planning. Not only have I been able to advance my existing skillsets, but I have also received the opportunity enhance my experiences, both within Australia and overseas by working across other aspects of urban planning such as strategic planning, master planning, and Smart Cities development. This holistic understanding and exposure to different areas of urban planning is a strength of not only my team environment but Ramboll as a whole.

Hue 3D Building Envelopes. Credit: Mike Rawitch

HUE Building Footprints. Credit: Mike Rawitch

HUE Building Heights. Credit: Mike Rawitch

Interesting and Exciting Projects

The Sydney Urban Planning team has been working on a number of highly interesting and exciting projects, two of which quickly come to mind.

The first being the Special Activation Precinct (SAP) Statutory Planning Reviews, particularly for the Snowy Mountains SAP which is one of the six designated regional areas under the program. The Snowy SAP is an initiative which seeks to revitalise the Snowy Mountains, stimulate year-round tourism to grow the regional economy, and create employment opportunities in the area.

A key challenge of the project was developing a streamlined development approval framework that resolved tensions between the protection of significant ecological and cultural values, and range of land uses proposed. In this project, my team supported the New South Wales (NSW) Government in delivering a new and streamlined legislative planning framework to stimulate economic growth, innovation, and job creation. No one person can predict what the future has in store for them; I can’t predict the specific skills that I am to develop, or the horizons that I have yet to expand – but I believe embarking on this journey of discovery with Ramboll is the way to go. I look forward to this onward journey with the team.

The second project that comes to mind includes supporting the Hue Provincial Government in Vietnam, which falls under the ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Trust Fund, in the development of a 3D Digital Smart City Model. This is an exciting project using satellite imagery and advanced technology to make new ways in how we look at and assess planning and foresee and mitigate impacts. The Digital City Model aims to improve planning in the province and ensure the sustainability of development and urban environment into the future by:

  • Visualising and exploring existing and future development scenarios,
  • Managing risks, enhancing resilience and communication for both community and government agencies, and
  • Supporting efficient and sustainable development, planning systems, and government processes.

Projects such as these which bring immense benefit to improve communities, protect the environment, and build upon the existing strengths of the areas. It is these projects that reinforces my interest and involvement in improving sustainability and liveability in these rural towns and centres into the future, makes my time at Ramboll well spent and excites me with what the future brings for not only my team but Ramboll Australia as a whole.