Martin Burden, Consulting Director

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Martin Burden

Consulting Director, Buildings

T: +44 7903 682 572

My job

I’m a design engineer, leading a team based in London. Together, we work on high-end retail and high-rise structures for leading designers across the world. 

World-class experts to call on 

As a designer you need to follow a rhythm to get to an end. I enjoy explaining the vision, giving direction and seeing people deliver and assist in the whole process. But what brings me the most joy is probably seeing the end-result of all our work. 

At Ramboll, you get to work in a safe and supportive environment. We have worldwide experts that we can call on, we’ve got the necessary facilities and the technology. 

There’s a rigor in the organisation, but there’s also a desire and passion to innovate and to be at the cutting edge of what we do – and that’s the fun bit. 

Relationships that grow with you

I like to say that I’ve never said no to a project. I once agreed to doing a house extension for an architect for no fee. Now, I’ve worked with that client for 30 years. 

Saying yes to a mundane little thing like that means that you develop a relationship with the client and a way of working together. 

I like to think that designing a small house extension and a 50-storey building takes the same amount of care and the same amount of skill. That is why I tell my graduates not to focus so much on what the work is but to focus on what is involved in delivering the work - because that is the same process in all projects. 

If you develop relationships working on the less glamorous jobs, the good projects come along.