Mukesh Garg, IT Director India

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Mukesh Garg

IT Director, India

T: +91 73388 00007

My Job

I enjoy working with businesses and enabling them to deliver better using IT tools and technology. Now is an exciting time for me to be part of Ramboll’s IT Team in India and lead the setting up of a Global IT Centre in India.

Ramboll is the kind of company I wanted to work for 

I always wanted to work for a company with a purpose and Ramboll seemed to be a perfect fit. 

It is close to two months now since I joined Ramboll, and it has been a welcoming experience. I have met with a lot of stakeholders and what impressed me the most is the openness of the company, especially among the leadership. Our website has the financial figures published, although we’re not a listed company, this speaks volumes about the work ethics and transparency that Ramboll follows. 

I hail from Delhi, started my professional career there and later moved to Chennai. I have been living in Chennai for more than 15 years and it is now home for me. I am a law graduate too from Delhi University and have an MBA in Marketing. I started as an ERP consultant and now enjoy working with businesses to catalyse their deliveries with IT tools and technology. I played a key role in the establishment of global technology centres in my earlier roles at Flex and Astra Zeneca.

I think Ramboll is agile and a great place to work. Anybody who works here will have an opportunity to work on unique projects. 

If you are creative, innovative and sustainability is a priority, just come over to Ramboll!