Neeta Sunil Gawane, Team Lead

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My job

As a lead for the structures team, I ensure that all the structures designed by my team are per Ramboll’s quality standards. This involves me performing detailed structural analysis and checks on the different types of structures we design.

Meet Neeta Sunil Gawane, who is our structural team lead based in Mumbai office.

A responsible engineer

I was about ten years old when I watched a movie that intrigued me to learn more about structural engineering. I had made up my mind when I was very young, so my early and higher education was directed towards making me a responsible engineer. With more than 22 years’ experience as an engineer, I am pleased to be able to continue to contribute my skills at Ramboll and help in creating sustainable societies. With today’s digitisation and software, a lot of work gets done so much faster, and processes have become simpler. Although software generates accurate results, I always manually verify it before issuing the design for implementation.

As an engineer at Ramboll

One of Ramboll’s strengths is in high-rises, and this is what attracted me to join the company. But what impresses me the most, is the fact that the company’s fundamentals are not merely decorative value statements but guide and form the core of the work we do every day. 

This is a great place to work where every employee is empowered to independently lead their areas of expertise within the company, which is fantastic!