Rashmita Patro, Mapping LiDAR specialist

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Rashmita Patro

Mapping LiDAR specialist

T: +91 124 4611999

My job

I am a Mapping/LiDAR specialist for Ramboll’s Engineering Centre’s Roads team. The Mapping/LiDAR is a niche specialism used in significant projects at Ramboll. For almost a decade, I have been working in  Geographical Information System(GIS), Project Management and Analysis. I am currently working with the Swedish Transport Administration to survey the road surface condition and conduct area scanning of the national road network -   a stretch of about 35,000 km is surveyed annually as part of this project.  For this, we are using the latest and most advanced sensor technology, and we have also designed and built our own specialised survey systems for this project.

Meet Rashmita Patro (center), Mapping LiDAR Specialist

Ramboll has helped me broaden my horizon

A few weeks after joining Ramboll last year, I spent about a month in Sweden to work on various transport projects that include a study on a new high-speed railway between Gothenburg and Boras, an accessibility assessment for a localisation study for a new high-speed railway through the city of Linkoping, the construction management road marking in Malmo. I also had the opportunity to co-author a technical paper published in ‘Science Direct’ which elaborates how transport infrastructure can create efficient connections in traffic systems, yet it can also create barriers to movement on a local scale. Click here to read the full paper.

Working for the REC has been challenging yet exciting as we work on multiple projects, both domestically and internationally. I have immense support from my colleagues, and our leaders play an important role in mentoring and guiding employees on various projects. I am looking forward to working on many more exciting projects at Ramboll.