Sanjay Pandey, Department Lead, Automation

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Sanjay Pandey

Department Lead, Automation

T: +91 124 4611999

My Job

With close to two decades spent in the software development industry, I have been developing innovative solutions, systems, and applications that improve the bottom line. I currently spearhead the task of developing cutting-edge automation tools and technologies within the Digital Development centre for different business units and geographies. With DDC still in its formative years, I am very determined and excited to help the department scale greater heights in the time to come.

Why Ramboll?

I have been working at Ramboll for nearly two years now as a Specialist Manager where I am responsible for enhancing the effectiveness of the existing business processes by creating efficient software solutions. I have a keen interest in digital transformation and innovation and therefore, the Digital Development Centre at Ramboll seemed to be a natural progression for me.

I am from Ghaziabad, located on the outskirts of Delhi, and graduated from the University of Delhi with a bachelor's degree in technology. I grew up in a remote town and had to endure tremendous hardships as access to basic human needs was limited.  That fuelled the desire in me to think innovatively about finding solutions to multiple issues to bring about a positive change in society. I have always been very inquisitive from the beginning about technological innovation and its impact on mankind. I firmly believe that technology will play a crucial role in improving the future of humanity and this is precisely the reason why I chose DDC at Ramboll as I believe it is at the forefront of change powered by technology.  I resonate deeply with its ethos of sustainable change and societal development, something which I feel wasn't given much importance in my previous companies.

What drew me to Ramboll initially was the opportunity to develop sophisticated tools and technologies that would not only help our engineers globally act expeditiously but eventually contribute in improving the built environment. Also, my colleagues and departmental heads are extremely passionate, collaborative, and helpful making creation of new engineering solutions a lot of fun and that remains my most favourite part of my job.

I have been working in this industry for a long time now and I cherish and value all those years as they've given me the experience and confidence to operate independently. But the journey hasn't been easy. A lot of discipline, patience, sacrifice, hard toil, and optimism was needed as developing and implementing solutions took time.

I believe to be a successful automation manager, one needs to have sound technical skills in software development as well as advanced project management, business analysis and customer relationship management. I have been able to sharpen my skills sets under the astute leadership of my departmental heads who have been incredibly supportive right from day one at Ramboll.

I like to stay updated with all the latest events happening in the world of technology and constantly read and watch technology-related videos, attended various online workshops and seminars (especially digital transformation, emerging technologies etc) to improve and upgrade my knowledge base.

My advice to youngsters- stay true to yourself, keep learning, work hard, and don't hesitate to experiment!

So, if you are looking to advance your career in the field of innovation and automation, Ramboll is the place to be as there are exciting challenges that lie ahead of you- I can bet on that.