Yash Deepak Moray, Senior Engineer

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Yash Deepak Moray

Senior Engineer

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I work with the Ramboll Engineering Centre (REC) as Senior Engineer–Structures. I am originally from Mumbai, but I moved to Delhi eight years ago to join Ramboll. Coming from a family of architects, structural engineering has always attracted me. Growing up, our family home underwent redevelopment and watching it being re-built brick by brick fascinated me, and structural engineering more that I went on to complete my Bachelors in Engineering from the University of Mumbai.
Yash Deepak Morey- Senior Engineer

Meet Yash Deepak Moray, one of our senior engineers in Gurgaon.

An endless canvas for ideas

One of the best things about working for Ramboll is that I can work with engineers from different countries and on global projects. It has enabled me to enhance my interpersonal and technical skills, and over a span of eight years, I have worked on projects in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Working with colleagues in the Nordics has taught me better planning, risk assessment and efficient project tracking. I have learnt about new cultures and the way people work in these countries. Before I joined Ramboll, it was kind of hard even to pinpoint Scandinavia on the map, and now have friends and colleagues from this region which are a part of my life and it makes me happy. 

Working in the REC inspires active engagement of teams on either side which often leads to innovative ideas to suit the client’s requirement. For example, Bodyflight, a sky diving training arena in Gothenburg, Sweden, wherein we came up with a solution of a precast retaining wall instead of the traditional solution to fulfil the client’s requirement of tight timelines and easier workability.

Ramboll has worked on many landmark projects globally like the leaning at a gravity-defying 15-degree angle, Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen’s Ørestad that offers a sight never seen before. The building has two towers leaning in opposite directions at an angle almost four times that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This and many other projects carried out by Ramboll fill me with a sense of pride that I work for a company that is brimming with such outstanding technical expertise.

The continuous collaboration between our different business units in other countries gives us an idea of the potential here in India can be utilised in expanding our work to providing new services. Based on this ideology, we have now started to explore in the field of Cross Laminate Timber design along with colleagues in Sweden - this is the new sustainable solution for construction in the Nordic countries.