Yassmin Al-Khatib, Associate

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Yassmin Al-Khatib

Head of Environment & Land Development

T: +971 02 6584618

My job

With conservation of the environment and protection of human health becoming a priority in today’s world, I am proud that my knowledge on waste management which is a major challenge in many parts of the world helps our clients develop options and solutions to achieve their overall sustainable waste management plan. 

Yassmin Al-Khatib - Associate, Environment and Health

Meet Yassmin Al-Khatib, Associate in the Environment and Health department based in our Abu Dhabi office.

Committed to sustainability

Through my years of being at Ramboll, what impresses me the most is Ramboll’s commitment towards progressing as a sustainable business.  Ramboll has a strong set of values that gives its people a clear understanding of what our mission and purpose is. I have been given the opportunity to grow in my career while contributing to the success of the company. 

Ramboll has always offered customised solutions based on our client’s needs. Understanding the current and future conditions to develop a sustainable plan, my team works closely with clients to assess the options available to meet their long-term goals. 

What I appreciate the most at Ramboll is the opportunity to work with colleagues and clients from around the world. Being part of Ramboll’s Environment and Health business, I work with experienced professionals in challenging but interesting projects across the globe. I believe Ramboll’s advantage over others is our access to experts and experience from 300 offices globally. However, I must say that my favorite aspect of Ramboll is its people – it is a family culture at work and this is what makes Ramboll a great place to work.