Your excellence powering innovation

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Our ambition is to become the digital leader in our industry. 

To do this we are continually exploring and considering new concepts, methods and technologies that deliver more value and improve our solutions. 

For instance, we use advanced 3D modelling on large construction projects to help clients better visualise projects, saving them time and money. And we are pioneering Green BIM (Building Information Modelling) to aid the sustainable design of buildings. 

We are also leading the way when it comes digital twins, ground-breaking technology that allows a virtual copy of a process, product or service to be produced so features can be tested, and problems solved before they even occur. 

Ensuring innovation is part of our everyday

Ramboll employs 15,000 experts and making sure we can tap into this enormous reserve of expertise is one of our key priorities. 

To facilitate this potential, we have recently launched a comprehensive innovation programme. The ‘Innovation Accelerator’ systematically facilitates new ideas within Ramboll and helps rapidly grow those that will deliver real value.  

In 2018, 276 employees sent in their ideas and 70 participants from 16 countries were selected to test them. After four rounds of honing their ideas, teams then had the chance to pitch their ideas with the aim of taking them to market. 

Of course, working for Ramboll is not just about identifying good ideas. We recognize that innovation is cultural and that is why it runs through the company. Working in cross-disciplinary project teams ensure a holistic approach and fosters an environment where the passion and expertise of each team member helps set the benchmark among our peers.