Stig Porskjær


T: +45 5161 8208

Stig is an expert in designing and conducting surveys and implementation process based on insight from the organisations key stakeholders; employees, customers, users, citizens etc. In corporation with the clients, Stig holds a specific focus on providing, communicating and implementing relevant information about the relevant stakeholders at a relevant time. This is what we in Ramboll call Stakeholder Intelligence.

Stig has been in charge of several large-scale surveys for both small and large organisations. He has wide experience within surveys and can help both private and public sectors.

Stig’s area of expertise includes:

  • Stakeholder Intelligence design
  • Survey design
  • HR surveys (engagement, well-being, managemen evaluation etc.)
  • Strategic analysis and interpretation



First Floor, Emerald Building
Oud Metha Road
PO Box 116921, Dubai, UAE
Tel:+971 4 334 3616
Fax:+971 4 334 3617


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