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Dr. Rosalind Schoof is a board‑certified toxicologist with more than 25 years’ experience assessing human health effects and exposures from chemical substances for a variety of projects, such as contaminated site remediation; commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential exposure assessments; product uses; and dietary exposures. Her projects have included numerous formal health risk assessments conducted under various US and international regulatory settings, as well as regulatory, research and litigation projects. Rosalind is an internationally recognized expert on evaluation of arsenic and metals in the environment, as well as in the human diet, and on the bioavailability of metals from soil. She has served on numerous peer review panels for US agencies and Canadian ministries, and on several National Research Council committees. She has served as a member of the British Columbia Contaminated Sites Science Advisory Board and the Expert Advisory Panel for the Canadian Metals in the Human Environment Research Network, as well as of the Washington Model Toxics Control Act Science Panel.  Prior to her consulting career, Rosalind worked for a pharmaceutical company, conducting safety assessments for new drugs, and designing and directing toxicity studies in accordance with good laboratory practices (GLP). She also worked in the Office of Toxic Substances at USEPA.  

Recent projects

Tomato Cultivation: Southern Italy

A nematicide used widely on tomato crops across Europe is currently only available to growers under emergency license. Southern Italian farmers have relied on the soil fumigant – 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-D) – for more than 50 years to manage plant parasitic nematodes (microscopic worms) in tomato cultivation.

Using an enforcement undertaking to improve river water quality

Ramboll was appointed to assist with a water pollution offence in a river in south-west England in 2014. The failure to dam a river during a road construction project meant that an accidental chemical release led to a number of fish being killed. Working with legal partners, our damage assessors (comprising ecologists, eco-toxicologists and economists) undertook a project to value the damage and identify compensatory actions that were accepted by the Environment Agency.


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