Securing the energy supply for the European Union

1 March 2019
In light of recent gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean, further steps are now being taken to contribute to the energy security and diversification of energy sources for the European Union.
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Per Jørgensen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

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Søren Løvstad Christensen

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Gang Lu

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Security of energy supply is an integral part of the Energy Union Strategy, as this makes the European energy system more resilient towards supply disruptions. With the European Union importing more than half of its energy consumption, diversification of supplier countries is crucial to secure the energy supply. The European Union therefore continues to promote the diversification of energy sources and routes.

The East Mediterranean region has the potential to be a new gas supplying area for the European Union. Hence, the European Commission plays a strong role in gas development in the East Mediterranean, in terms of political support, diplomacy, promoting regional cooperation between countries, financial support for infrastructure projects, and helping to create an investment environment that is conducive to developing the region.

“The Eastern Mediterranean region has created considerable excitement in the gas industry, due to some major discoveries in recent years. If properly unlocked, the gas potential in the region can become an important source of supply for the European Union and potentially help to improve peace and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean region itself”, says Per Jørgensen, Ramboll.

Ramboll has been appointed to advise the European Commission on the Eastern Mediterranean’s natural gas potential for the European Union.

The Energy Strategy & Planning team from Ramboll will deliver an expert assessment on the potential of gas supply from the Eastern Mediterranean to member countries of the European Union. This will be a comprehensive study covering multi-disciplinary areas: technical, financial, commercial, regulatory and geopolitical. The study commenced in January 2019 and will span over the following two years. 

Ramboll will also assist the European Commission in stakeholder engagements, in order to increase transparency and cooperation between key countries and stakeholders.

“We hope that our work will provide clarity and excellent insights on the subject of energy supply and support the dialogue among relevant policy makers and investors. We look forward to actively engage and cooperate with various stakeholders, while contributing to secure the energy supply for EU member countries”, says Søren Løvstad Christensen, Ramboll.


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