Tough road project in Sweden aims to halve its carbon footprint

12 October 2021
The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) wants to rebuild a challenging stretch of the country’s E10 road. Ramboll is bringing decarbonisation and improved accessibility to the core of the project. 

Sara Nilsson

Lead Consultant
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Lars Hedström

Lars Hedström

Project manager
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Ramboll has won a project with Trafikverket that concerns rebuilding a particularly challenging stretch of the E10 national route. The stretch of well over 7km runs between Kiruna, the country’s northernmost city, and the town of Kauppinen. 

Trafikverket identifies the project as a pilot project to work with carbon reduction and aims to reduce carbon emissions by 50% during road plan implementation, tendering and production.

“To reduce the carbon dioxide emissions is a high target, and this mission is completely in line with the effort we have within Ramboll to reduce the climate footprint of society,” says Sara Nilsson, Climate Coordinator on the project.

Improved accessibility, also for wildlife

The project also tackles other challenges. The E10 between Kiruna and Kauppinen runs along significant reindeer grazing areas and cuts off several reindeer migration routes, making it a barrier to reindeer husbandry and to wildlife.

The traffic on the current stretch of road consists, among other things, of heavy vehicles and commuters from Jukkasjävi and Svappavaara. The requirements for road accessibility are high, and the road needs to be rebuilt into a dual carriageway with a centre barrier and a maximum permitted speed of 100 km/h.

The project aims to solve the challenge with wildlife crossings, wildlife fences, bridges, as well as pedestrian and cycle paths.

“It’s so much more fun that this is such a clear win-win project,” say Lars Hedström, Project Manager. “It will contribute to the development of methods of building that emit less carbon and benefit the climate while increasing road safety for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as benefit the reindeer and tourist industries.”

Climate emissions in focus

The project comprises tasks in which Ramboll has vast experience yet places additional high demands on cooperation and innovation to find new solutions. Therefore, the project will be supported by Ramboll’s innovation concept to reduce the climate footprint. 

“We will work with an iterative approach based on Ramboll’s innovation methodology that includes mapping emissions and identifying additional measures continuously,” explains Sara Nilsson. “In this way, we focus on climate emissions throughout the project and continuously challenge ourselves to find new solutions. As greenhouse gas reduction is one of the project’s objectives, the climate issue will permeate all decisions made. We can also contribute by providing services such as Waywize and Fuelsafe.” 

Quick facts

  • Ramboll is commissioned to develop a road plan, a tender document for construction contract, and to assist the Swedish Transport Administration during the production phase, with construction site follow-ups. 
  • Work begins in autumn 2021 and is set to be completed around 2030, when production is due to be completed. 
  • Tender documents will be ready during the summer of 2025. 
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in 2027. 


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