Godrej Two, Vikhroli Mumbai

2 November 2020
Godrej Two, known as The Trees, is the first mixed-use development project that marks the gateway to Vikhroli. Ramboll was appointed as the structural consultant for the development’s second commercial building.


Swati A Shah

Swati A Shah

Buildings and Project Excellence Director, India
T: +91 22 6258 9797

Godrej Properties’ flagship mixed-use development is an international award-winning master plan. Comprising a vibrant mix of commercial, retail and residential buildings the development enjoys the convenient urban connectivity across Mumbai directly along the Eastern Express Highway, joining the north, south and east, and LBS Marg which connects with the city’s western suburbs.

Business Head Vikhroli, Chief CSR and Sustainability officer, Anubhav Gupta said “We have had a good collaborative engagement with the Ramboll team on Godrej Two. Ramboll’s engineers have worked closely with our architects, Tokyo based Nikken Sekkei as well as our internal team to deliver innovative solutions, optimise cost efficiencies and help bring our vision for this Grade A Platinum rated commercial building to life.”

With a built-up area of approximately 93,000 sqm, Godrej Two is a 14-storey tall building with an expansive lobby, retail space on the ground floor and two basements for services and parking.  Designed for maximum flexibility made possible by both vertical and horizontal tenant splits, each floor plate is configured around an efficient core. 

“One of the client’s aspirations’ was to match Godrej One, their headquarters building, for its signature marble-clad columns. This was a challenge as Godrej Two has comparatively wider spans and heavier loads.  We addressed this requirement with a composite column solution as opposed to RCC columns” said Sandeep Ishwarbhai Dabhi, Senior Structural Engineer at Ramboll in Mumbai.  “Additionally, Godrej Two has a single central core with service ducts for the building passing through the core.  It was a difficult exercise for us to accommodate all these service cut-outs in the lateral force resisting core walls. With continuous discussions and coordination, all service requirements were met while keeping the structural integrity of the building intact” added Sandeep.

With a height restriction due to the project’s proximity to the airport, the team worked diligently to limit the depth of the slabs and achieve the maximum available floor to floor height. The floor plate was designed for services to be installed without any obstructions. The team used Post Tension (PT) slabs which also resulted in savings in the usage of steel and concrete translating into a cost-benefit. Using PT slabs, the team has saved potentially 5% of concrete and 15% of steel compared to regular RCC flat slab. Godrej Two is predominantly a PT flat slab with a ductile shear wall structure. Shear walls are provided in such a way to control the deflection and to resist lateral forces. 

Through value engineering of the various structural systems, the most suitable option was chosen. Optimisation with the help of reinforcement detailing was carried out which ensured savings in cost and resources, and recognition of the sustainable design across several metrics such as the optimum use of energy, water, reduced CO2 emissions, indoor air quality. 

Neeta Gawane, Ramboll’s Team Leader for Structures, stated “Our team had a very collaborative relationship with Godrej Properties’ Vikhroli team, which lead to a great working experience for our engineers. We have worked hard towards a solution driven approach together with the entire project and consultant team. It has been a pleasure to work on this project and we look forward to working with Godrej again in the near future.” 


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