Ramboll celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

24 June 2019
Although talent availability differs across markets, it remains a fact that women continue to be underrepresented in the engineering industry.
Vidya Basarkod, Director Ramboll Engineering Centre

Vidya Basarkod, Director Ramboll Engineering Centre


Vidya Basarkod, Director Ramboll Engineering Centre

Vidya Basarkod

Country Director - India and Ramboll Engineering Centre Director

By working proactively to increase diversity at all levels in the company, Ramboll will be able to better harvest the full potential of its talents and become the preferred employer in the industry for both men and women. Diversity and collaboration go together, and both are key factors in delivering better solutions to the benefit of our clients and company.

This International Women in Engineering Day meet some of Ramboll’s inspiring women engineers as they share their journey with you.

Vidya Basarkod, Director Ramboll Engineering Centre

In her career spanning three decades, Vidya has worked in a variety of roles and has in-depth knowledge in areas of business, talent, project and client management. As a Civil Engineer, Vidya has worked on and led large projects spanning areas of urban infrastructure, integrated urban transport, airports management, sports-centric townships, expressways and municipal utilities. Currently, she is heading the Ramboll Engineering Centre (REC) in India.

Here Vidya talks about some challenges and learnings from her successful and fulfilling career:

What do you consider your most significant achievement while working at Ramboll?
In our journey over the last 4 years, the parameters that the Engineering Centre is measured on have all been improving significantly, and that is the kind of success we want to bring to our stakeholders and our people. We have invested in people engagement, training, process streamlining and implementation of proper tools to maintain the quality of our work and keep our costs down. Personally, I am pleased with the way my people have grown in confidence and capability. With great pride, I can say that our clients and stakeholders now see us as ‘partners’ and not only as service providers.

What is your advice to young women engineers to help them succeed?
First, develop a commercial sense and learn the business angle of engineering. Our solutions must be commercially viable and environmentally sustainable for long-term success. Therefore, it helps to understand the client requirements and customize our offering.

Second, don’t underestimate the value of communication and people skills in engineering. Your creativity and innovative solutions will be of no use if you are unable to convince and sell your ideas. 

Third, step out of your comfort zone; only then can you realize your potential.

How have you managed to maintain a work-life balance? Managing responsibilities at work and home equally efficiently
It is not easy to juggle a thriving career and a happy family life; I try to strike a balance living by the following three mantras:

Delegate - Focus on your priorities and interests; delegate as much as possible. Doing so has provided me with a balance as well as a confident team who function well even when I am away from office

Discipline - Plan ahead, manage your time and organise your commitments. Doing so has provided me enough time to enjoy my work as well as engage socially.    

Developing a passion outside work - Playing a sport and being passionate about fitness is a great way to hone professional and social skills. I am a serious week-end golfer, playing with my husband and close friends. It brings me great joy, keeps me physically and mentally agile, and rejuvenates me to handle the business challenges effectively. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?
First, seek more challenges and consider the more difficult opportunity. Because every experience is valuable and the deeper the experience the longer it stays with you.

Second, learn to trust your intuition and discern your voice from others. This will help you identify your unique strengths and build upon them. 

Third and the most important, be a responsible citizen and a responsible consumer, be aware of your social responsibility. 


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