Ramboll hosted an online session to introduce girls to engineering

24 June 2021
As part of the International Women in Engineering Day celebration, Ramboll's Professional Women's Network (PWN) in Dubai hosted a webinar - Introducing a Girl to Engineering to a group of 20 female students.


Susanna Noureddine

Associate Facade Consultant
T: +971 4 3343616

Today, 20 female Grade 10 to 12 students from Dubai College participated in a half-day online workshop titled "Introduction to engineering", where they learned about the different roles engineers play in the design and construction industry. 

Ramboll's presenters - Susanna Noureddine - Lead Facades, welcomed the students and introduced Ramboll. Other experts included Susanne Kalmar Pedersen - Project Director who talked about Tunnels and Bridges, Harout Taghilian - Senior Engineer presented Acoustics, Bethel Teferra - Senior Structural  Engineer presented about structural engineering while Hunyum Murya - Sustainability Consultant tackled building sustainably. 

The girls spent their time interacting with our experts during presentations and activities. The session aimed to give the girls a feel for how engineers use innovative design and technology to solve challenges across the world.


Born out of a desire to inspire young girls to pursue a career in engineering, Ramboll's Professional Women's Network (PWN) created this initiative, 'Introducing a girl to engineering' in 2019. An essential part of this initiative is to raise awareness among girls (before they make their subject choices) of a potential career in engineering. Unfortunately, there is a perception among girls that engineering is a "man's job" involving hard hats, physical labour and heavy machinery. 

Thank you to the presenters and the committee for making this happen, along with your commitment and efforts to inspire and positively influence these girls and contribute to a better future. 


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