Road scheme wins national award and local praise

8 January 2016
Locally appreciated and nationally recognised, an exemplary major public infrastructure project has been delivered on time, on budget, and with excellent environmental credentials. Drivers are delighted.
South Devon Link Road. (c)Pyramid Photography

South Devon Link Road. (c)Pyramid Photography

Ramboll. Andy Bell.

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The South Devon Highway project has won one of the UK’s leading awards for its environmental activities, recognising the scheme’s sustainable and green credentials. It also opened on time triggering a wave of thanks from members of the public. The new highway will bring a greatly improved experience for all who use it; will enhance the environment for those who live near it; and will deliver lasting economic benefits for the region.

Delighted drivers send wave of thanks after the South Devon Highway opens

How often do you feel moved to write a letter in praise of roadworks? When Devon County Council and Torbay Council, along with GallifordTry, announced that the South Devon Highway was now open, they did not expect to receive such an extraordinary volume of positive comments from members of the public.

Feedback sent to Tracey Waygood, GallifordTry’s Public Liaison Officer, testifies to the impact the new road will make on many lives. It also shows a wave of appreciation from local residents for keeping them so well informed with the regular email news bulletins they received throughout the project.

Project wins Green Apple award

The project won the 2015 Green Apple gold award for Environmental Best Practice in the Waste Management category. The award was accepted by GallifordTry, in partnership with Devon County Council and Torbay Council.

A key sustainability objective of the project was to re-cycle as much material from the site as possible, reducing lorry movements. Appropriate testing by Ramboll demonstrated that the weathered Breccia could be useful in a wide range of applications on site without concern over long term performance or durability.

The judges were impressed that the team exceeded normal industry measures and went above and beyond industry best practice. For example:

  • 1.5million cubic metres of material and excavated rock were re-used to create stone facing on bridges and retaining walls
  • 17,800 fewer lorry trips off site and a significant reduction in the amount of materials imported to the project
  • This reduced the number of lorry journeys by some 30,000 HGV miles and the avoidance of approximately 43.9tonnes of C02 emissions

More than 50 years in the planning, and three years in construction

The A380 South Devon Link Road project, also known as the Kingskerswell Bypass, has been more than 50 years in the planning, and three years in construction. It is an exemplary major public infrastructure project, on time, on budget, and with excellent environmental credentials. The improved road scheme is expected to bring lasting economic benefits, including the creation of nearly 8,000 jobs in South Devon, with around 3,500 of these in Torbay.

Project details

Aller Tunnel, A380 road scheme in Devon UK, designed by Ramboll. Photo: Devon County Council

A380 South Devon Highway

The South Devon Link Road Project was one of the biggest construction projects and one of the most complex highways schemes in the South West. Involving many partners and engineering challenges, the project has received awards for considerate practices that show respect to the community and the environment.


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