Compliance support for a leading data center company

Warehouse data center

Warehouse data center



Xiao-Jian Zhou

Managing Principal
T: +86 (0) 21 6473 6885

Ramboll is currently providing compliance support to the operations of a large data center in China. Our client is a leading global data center owner/operator. 

The project includes identifying national, regional and local emissions, discharge, site development and building regulations, collecting discharge fee schedules and payment requirements, summarizing monitoring and reporting requirements, and reviewing test results to confirm compliance. 

In addition, our work also includes Phase I and II environmental site assessments, a geotechnical investigation, land survey, title review, conceptual master planning and preliminary engineering. We are undertaking an assessment of water infrastructure, natural resources, traffic and community impact. We are reviewing and modeling flood risk, sound and vibration and blast risk, as well as conducting a weather and air quality review, and undertaking generator flue gas modeling.

Ramboll provides ad-hoc quick response to specific issues as raised by the client as well as delivering regular information sessions via conference call and providing written documents as requested. 


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Tel:+971 4 334 3616
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