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Jesper Sundahl

Jesper Sundahl

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Once infrastructure facilities such as roads, bridges, railways, ports and airports are in operation, they have to be constantly supervised and maintained. But keeping track of the state of facilities may be an enormous task when you are supposed to maintain thousands of square metres. So how do you keep track of the condition of numerous kilometres of road, or a huge airport or port area?

Over the years, Ramboll has developed several systems to help ease maintenance processes. Most recently, we have developed a new Pavement Management System (PMS) to help keep track of pavement conditions. The proprietary technology is a combination of sophisticated software and Geographic Information System technology.

APM Terminals, a leading global container terminal operator, will be piloting the new PMS at their Zeebrugge facility in Belgium. The system will be implemented over nine months followed by a year-long live test period.


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