Greenfield Production Facility for Bang & Olufsen, Czech Republic


Johan Brandstrup Fegar

Johan Brandstrup Fegar

Senior Director, Industry & Buildings
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Bang & Olufsen, the manufacturer of high quality audio-visual technology, decided to place their only foreign production facility in Koprivnice in North Moravia. The company invested EUR 16.5 million in the construction of a new factory employing up to 200 workers. Ramboll acted as General Planner on the project.

A worldwide success

With more than 2,500 employees and products sold in over 100 countries worldwide, Bang & Olufsen are renowned for their distinctive and exclusive range of electronic products.
Successful sales of Bang & Olufsen products all over the world have made it necessary to expand production capacity. Bang & Olufsen intended to include a fully integrated development department in the new production facilities. A careful screening suggested placing their first foreign branch in Koprivnice, Czech Republic, which offers easy access to highly educated professionals from the nearby university in Ostrava.

To meet the increasing market demands, Bang & Olufsen began production in rented space on the premises in autumn 2004 and employed over 100 people during the construction of the new facility. The figure rose to around 200 at the finished factory and contributed to growth and development in the region.

In 2007 Ramboll also acted as General Planner on the subsequent extension to the factory of 3,100 sq.m.

Ramboll’s Tailor-made General Planner Concept

As General Planner, Ramboll was fully responsible to Bang & Olufsen for all performed services comprising design, project and construction management of the whole factory, including architectural works, structural and civil works and mechanical and electrical installations as well as utility lines to and from the plot.

Ramboll has developed a General Planner concept that ensures a top quality result from A to Z, from purchase of the plot to the final handover of the completed production facility. The concept is tailor-made for industrial companies planning to build production facilities worldwide. It carefully guides the client through the planning of the building project. Ramboll takes charge of the entire process from the start of the planning until the completed building is handed over and, within the agreed time and budget, leaves the client with a modern production facility of Western European standard that also reflects our renowned Scandinavian sense of quality and good design.

Ramboll was awarded the General Planner Contract based on references from previously performed projects documenting the solid experience in the field of overseas production facilities. The Building Permit part of the project was undertaken by Ramboll’s subconsultant, Technoprojekt.
Gross Floor Area: 14,000 sq.m. + 3,100 sq.m.


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