Dismantling of Overhead Transmission Line, Little Belt


Mogens G. Nielsen

Mogens G. Nielsen

Senior Chief Consultant, Ramboll Energy
T: +45 5161 6831

In order to enhance the view of Little Belt, 12 km of overhead line was removed and replaced with cable. Ramboll was responsible for the project description of the dismantling of the cables and the 120 m tall towers – as well as designing foundations for the new towers. 

Energinet.dk has built two transition compounds and replaced a 2x400 kV overhead transmission line including 2x2 120 m tall towers with overhead transmission line, with a combined land and sea cable. The crossing originally had a length of 944 m. 

The new 400 kV cable installation is going to replace the high-voltage towers and overhead line from Dronningens Kvarter in the municipality of Fredericia to Kauslunde in the municipality of Middelfart.

The overhead line - including towers - will be removed in 2014. New towers were placed near the transition compound and Ramboll designed the foundation for the towers including angle suspension and dead end towers.

The 2x2 120 m towers each for 400 kV were originally designed by Ramboll in 1970 and 1988.


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