A Future for Driverless Rail Operation on the S-Bane in Copenhagen

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The potential for driverless rail operation on the Copenhagen S-Bane, Denmark, comes with the next generation of rolling stock that is scheduled to take place between 2026-2036. An analysis was relatedly conducted in order to analyse how this potential driverless s-train operation may impact service-level and economy. 

In close collaboration with Parssons, Ramboll functioned as one of the two leading advisors on the project. This task involved mapping out all technical aspects of rolling stock specifications, developing the business case, conducting the socio-economical analysis as well as estimating the consequences regarding personnel. 

The final analysis nominated two scenarios; both which were better than the present 0-scenario and evaluated economical, technical and organisational aspects of the possible change. The first scenario included the same level of service with a better economy, while the other included a better level of service with the same 0-scenario economy.


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