European highway E39, Mandal


In Mandal, Norway, the construction of the 13 km European Highway E39 is now complete. The project delivered a solution with significant reductions in CO2 eqv. emissions, accident-free construction and operation using digitalisation. In collaboration with Sweco, Ramboll acted as advisor to the contractor Hæhre, who has the contract with the end customer, the state-owned road developer, Nye Veier.


Nye Veier is responsible for constructing the new E39 highway between Kristiansand to Ålgård, including the E39 section from Mandal East to Mandal City. The project aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from the construction phase and 75% from the operation phase. Additionally, the project also sought to increase utility and traffic safety while reducing costs.


Ramboll used Trimble Quantm (TQ) to optimise the road line in the zoning plan phase. TQ calculates different corridors and compares millions of alternative line choices to find the most optimal line, avoiding manual calculations. The greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 18% from the overall plan to the zoning plan. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions most efficiently, sensitive areas were avoided for the sake of biodiversity, bridge lengths were reduced to minimise concrete consumption, while shorter and less mass transportation was prioritised. Emissions from bog were estimated to be reduced by 30%.


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