ERTMS Expert Support and Project Planning for Queensland Rail

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Providing Queensland Rail (QR) with ERTMS consultancy services, Ramboll is also managing the transformation of the inner-city network around Brisbane to the European Train Control system (ETCS) Level 2. The transition to ETCS Level 2 will improve operational safety as well as the capacity of the existing railway network while simplifying operating principles, safety rules and procedures. 

Through detailed reports of lessons learned from the Danish Signalling Programme, Ramboll has provided ERTMS and traffic management expertise in order to plan the implementation phase. Queensland Rail will, thereby, experience a more efficient execution of the ETCS project. 

Queensland Rail has, furthermore, invited Ramboll to continue as ERTMS client-side advisor in the implementation phase. This task will include ERTMS services concerning preparation of safety approvals, operational readiness and operating rules. For this, Ramboll will provide support from experts, who has already been through the transformation to ETCS Level 2, to lead to more efficient railway operations in Australia. 


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