Finnfjord – the world’s most energy efficient ferro-alloy plant


Niels Tornsberg

Niels Tornsberg

Head of Department for Structural Engineering
T: +45 5161 7694

By investing in two massive boilers the ferro-alloy plant Finnfjord is able to recover heat from steel production and transform it to 340 GWh of electricity pr. year, equivalent to 85,000 Norwegian households. Ramboll has designed the steel structures for the boilers at Finnfjord.

The Norwegian ferro-alloy plant Finnfjord has invested in the world’s largest heat recovery solution, the SteamGen 10 boiler from Aalborg Engineering. By generating steam through heat recovery from the large quantity of high temperature flue gas from the furnaces at the plant, it is possible to produce 340 GWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to the electrical consumption of 85,000 Norwegian households. Finnfjord now has an energy consumption that is up to 40% lower than before, making the plant one of the world’s most energy efficient ferro-alloy plants.

Special steel type to withstand high temperatures

The sheer size of the facility combined with the high temperatures of the flue gas of approximately 450 degrees Celcius posed some technical challenges in the steel design. As a result, Ramboll’s team designed 16 pcs. 1.8 m high boiler support beams in a special steel type called 16Mo3 to carry the two boilers.

Ramboll was in charge of the design, analysis, modeling and production drawings of all load bearing steel structures, service galleries and several ducts for the boilers. By using advanced 3D modelling techniques and assisted by our office in India, we delivered cost-effective and high quality steel construction designs for our customer Aalborg Engineering.


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