High speed rail for sustainable travel in Sweden

High speed train, Sweeden

High speed train, Sweeden

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Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration) plans to construct a new 60 km double track railway for high-speed trains and fast regional trains between Gothenburg and Borås, Sweden. The line is part of a new railway connection between Stockholm and Gothenburg/Malmö, which likewise connects Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and the two cities closer together. The new network will increase accessibility, meaning that people and businesses will be brought closer together.

Key challenges 

The Swedish Transport Administration has defined the general targets for the new main lines according to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. Ramboll has been commissioned to conduct a study of suitable corridors for the railway between Gothenburg and Borås, focusing on reduced travel times and increased commutability for the citizens while maintaining environmental integrity.


As of now, a designated model for evaluation of three dimensions of sustainability has been developed. The Gothenburg-Borås rail line has been planned based on a comprehensive sustainability assessment on how localisation alternatives compare from a social, ecological and economic perspective. All three dimensions are weighted equally. This enables a basis for decision-making and more qualified assessments of sustainability goals in infrastructural projects. The outcome should be a long-term increase in transport capacity and speed, offering better options for commuters and a basis for regional growth.


Start of the construction phase: 2025-2027


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