Bioremediation plants and access roads in Romania


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Working with Eastern Europe’s largest oil and gas producer, Ramboll will help with the construction of 10 bioremediation plants.  The plants use microorganisms to remove pollutants. 

OMV PETROM has embarked on a long term initiative for the closure, decommissioning and remediation of a range of production facilities, sludge pits, tank farms and oil wells.

Ramboll will be consulting on a number of areas including design, permits, tendering and the construction of necessary infrastructure.

The objective of the project is to consult on design, engineering, permits and supervision on eight landfill sites and ten bioremediation plants.  This includes work on five access roads required for bioremediation plants built in 2008.

This is a joint venture between Ramboll Denmark, Ramboll Romania and Halcrow Romania.  Ramboll Denmark is the leading partner.

All partners in the joint venture will provide technical cal-culations and design services for the landfill sites, biore-mediation plants and access roads. Services also delivered by Ramboll include:

• Design and tender development
• Permitting tasks for the landfills and plants; in ad-dition obtaining operation permits for the five bioremediation plants constructed in 2008.
• Project management , planning and coordinating the different sub tasks of the project
• The supervision of construction of three landfills and two bioremediation plants and their access roads, plus the access roads for four of the plants constructed in 2008 under phase 1.
• Managing construction contracts in the role of The Engineer according to Red FIDEC, managing the installation of the buildings and equipments in the role of Employers Representative according to Silver FIDEC.
• Obtaining the operational permits for three landfills and two bioremediation plants to be constructed in 2010, as well as for the five bioremediation plants constructed in 2008.
• Develop the tender according to Red FIDIC, answer clarification questions from contractors, and support the technical evaluation.


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