RBC-RBC Interface Analysis (Radio Block Control)


Peter I. Koch

Peter I. Koch

Senior Market Director, Denmark
T: +45 51616442

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Commissioned by the Swedish Transport Authority, Trafikverket, Ramboll is consulting an RBC-RBC interface analysis for the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Programme in Sweden. More specifically, the analysis seeks to examine the compatibility of the RBC-RBC interface among the two suppliers chosen to install the ERTMS Level 2 in the Swedish ERTMS Programme. 

The analysis will sustain Trafikverket’s plan to be fully equipped for the full introduction of ERTMS Level 2 on the entire 11,000 km Swedish rail network from North to South in 2035. Ramboll will also be undertaking an ERTMS market analysis, focusing on lessons learned to secure a successful implementation of the signalling system. 

Besides providing senior ERTMS signalling services to Trafikverket and other Swedish clients, Ramboll also delivers signalling to SL.


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