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Jacob Deichmann

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Consultancy services for a future tender process for a BRT line in Aalborg’s municipal area. 

In collaboration with subconsultant JA rådgivning, Ramboll has won a project for The North Jutland Transport Authority (NT) and the municipality of Aalborg, providing counsel for a future tender process for the bus traffic in Aalborg’s municipal area.

Part of the tender is procurement of vehicles for a future BRT line in Aalborg, which is Denmark’s 4th largest city with app. 136,000 inhabitants. The BRT line will connect the City area with the University Campus of Aalborg.

Among other tasks, Ramboll assesses the possibility of using 24 m long double-articulated buses on the BRT line as well as different modes of propulsion such as gas, electricity and fuel cells, both on the BRT line and all other bus lines in the area.

Ramboll will also prepare short lists of manufacturers and contractors and conduct a market dialogue with these possible partners. Furthermore, Ramboll will provide consultancy on the legal aspects of the future tender process.

The task was won in collaboration with the Karlsruhe office. The international angle of the team was a winning point, according to the client. JA rådgivning participates as subconsultant.



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