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Esben Thygesen

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Claus Dyrlund

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A new campus for the university college, UCC, as well as shops, offices and a 100-metre tall residential tower covering an area of 101.000m2 will be the first of 16 building zones, which together will form a rejuvenated district in central Copenhagen known as Carlsberg City. Ramboll is responsible for the main detailed design as a sub-consultant for NCC, the project's contractor.

The south-east corner of the former Carlsberg brewery-site –  Building Zone 8 – will be transformed into a vibrant study environment when more than 10,.000 students and faculty staff move into the new  university college,  UCC, in 2016. The entire area will be sustainably designed, and combines educational institutions with residential and commercial premises in order to achieve a well-functioning city area. UCC will occupy 57.000m2, 6.500m2 will be taken up by stores, 3.500m2 by offices and 15.000m2 by residential buildings in the form of a distinctive 100-metre tall tower that will be built in the central part of the urban area.

Carlsberg City will be built according to the master plan designed by architectural firm, Entasis, which has been inspired by the historical qualities of the city center. Modern and sustainable buildings will be mixed with houses that are listed and worthy of preservation, and room will be made for around 3,000 residential  properties, which will be available at all price levels.

Building Zone 8 will become the first and largest of Carlsberg City’s 16 zones, and UCC will be ready to move in during the summer of 2016 when the semester begins. Over 70 engineers from Ramboll will be fully occupied with the detailed design up until Christmas 2013 – with around 30 being based in the project office at Olivia Hansens Gade in the Carlsberg City. The Carlsberg City is to be fully built in the space of 15 to -20 years.

3D visualisations

View 3D visualisations from the project in eg Google cardboard on mobile phone or Occulus Rift. Also works in standard web browser where you can use mouse to scroll. Click on the links below to open the views.

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