First Extension to Production Facility for Coloplast


Johan Brandstrup Fegar

Johan Brandstrup Fegar

Senior Director, Industry & Buildings
T: +45 5161 2368

Increasing sales soon made Coloplast's first production facility in Hungary too small to cope with demands. As a result, Coloplast decided on an extension of the facility in Tatabánya and, based on the success of the first project for Coloplast in Hungary, Ramboll was selected as General Planner.

The extension of the existing production facility totals 10,000 sq.m of production and storage space with an office core integrated directly in the production area. It also includes 3,000 sq.m of ISO Class 7 cleanrooms.

Following Ramboll's initial master plan for Coloplast's plot in Tatabánya, the planning phase for the extension project could be compressed despite the added challenges of connection to an existing facility. The expedited project execution resulted in a total project phase of only 12 months from award of the contract to Ramboll until the facility was taken over by the client.

Ramboll’s Tailor-made General Planner Concept

As General Planner, Ramboll was fully responsible to Coloplast for all performed services comprising design, project management and construction management of the whole production facility, including architectural works, structural and civil works, and mechanical and electrical installations as well as utility lines to and from the plot.

Ramboll's proven General Planner Concept includes a thorough tendering process, beginning with an initial screening of contractors in the local area. The contractors most suitable for the specific project are identified and invited to bid for the project. After a contracting period which includes value engineering and an in-depth screening of the contractors' abilities and understanding of the project, Ramboll presents the client with a clear choice of contractor that meets the stringent requirements with regard to the time, quality and price outlined by the client at the beginning of the planning process.

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