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Johan Brandstrup Fegar

Johan Brandstrup Fegar

Senior Director, Industry & Buildings
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As one of the fastest growing markets for Grundfos, the Istra Region near Moscow in Russia was the chosen location for the new production facilities of Grundfos, who is among the world leaders in pump manufacturing. The new factory would facilitate direct supply of efficient and energy-saving pumps to the craving Russian market. Ramboll acted as General Planner on the project.

Placing the new production facility in an industrial park barely developed, without water or waste water treatment facilities and with limited access to power and gas, was an additional challenge for the entire project group.

"On top of that, soft soil from a former river bed was discovered under a large part of the production building in spite of a preliminary geotechnical investigation prior to Grundfos' acquisition of the site. Consequently, in order to overcome all the technical challenges as well as the many demands from the Russian authorities that occurred during the project, we had to think out of the box. The efforts paid off, and through strong project management we succeeded in completing the project a good deal faster than other similar projects nearby," says Project Manager Steen Børsting Petersen.

Ramboll’s Tailor-made General Planner Concept

As General Planner, Ramboll was fully responsible to Grundfos for all performed services comprising design, project and construction management of the whole facility, including structural and civil works and mechanical and electrical installations as well as utility lines to and from the plot. All architectural works were carried out in close cooperation with the Grundfos Group Architects Office.

Ramboll has developed a General Planner concept that ensures a top quality result from A to Z, from purchase of the plot to the final handover of the completed production facility. The concept is tailor-made for industrial companies planning to build production facilities worldwide. It carefully guides the client through the planning of the building project. Ramboll takes charge of the entire process from the start of the planning until the completed building is handed over and, within the agreed time and budget, leaves the client with a modern production facility of Western European standard that also reflects our renowned Scandinavian sense of quality and good design.

As a long-term business partner of Grundfos, Ramboll was awarded the General Planner Contract without competition. The Building Permit part of the project was undertaken by Ramboll’s subconsultant, ZAO Ramboll.

The master plan for the project allows for more than a tripling of the production areas on the site.

Gross floor area: 11,000 sq.m.

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