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The dormouse is one of Denmark's rarest mammals and is listed under the Bern Convention and EU's Habitat Directive as highly sensitive. Since 2006, Rambøll has been responsible for a habitat improvement programme for the further protection of the dormouse in Denmark.

During a 20-year plan for the extraction of raw materials in Kirkeby Vænge on South Funen NCC has launched a monitoring and habitat improvement program for dormouse from 2006 and onwards. The aim is to improve living conditions for the species in the area.

Investigated the forest

Ramboll has developed the basis for the habitat improvement program. We have investigated the forest and made a classification of areas according to their suitability as habitat for dormouse. At the same time, a survey of the forest was conducted to find any existing dormouse nests – this was in cooperation with the Lithuanian expert Rimvydas Juskaitis.

Based on field studies, we have developed and implemented a habitat improvement program. This consists of establishing broad corridors where tight forest is cut or thinned, and replanted with hazel, hawthorn, guelder rose and other dormouse food sources.

Development of bush vegetation in the improved areas is monitored annually through photographic documentation, among other methods. The monitoring of dormouse populations is done through the setup of 250 nest boxes in the area. Nest boxes are checked once a year for dormouse or other species. We then prepare an annual status report on the development of habitats and the population of dormouse.


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