Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr Bygningen

Niels Bohr Bygningen

The new 53,000m2 Niels Bohr Science Park is to consist of two separate buildings on either side of one of the busiest roads into the centre of Copenhagen. To provide an all encompassing proposal for the design of the building and its surroundings, Ramboll experts teamed up with subconsultants from Vilhelm Lauritzen, Christensen & Co, GHB Landskabsarkitekter and Collin Gordon and Associates.

The team designed a characteristic, transparent façade for the two buildings which visually links the building complex. Inside the building, six large ‘troposphere’ atriums between each research unit create a space for interaction and vibrant activity, while they also let in daylight and integrate the green surroundings into the building.

A passage under the busy road, Jagtvej, with recreational areas on either side comfortably connects the two buildings. Issues such as sustainability and flexibility of the building were highly prioritised by the University, and by taking these requirements into consideration while preparing the design, both were successfully met.

Creating a knowledge environment for international standards

To become a vibrant hotspot for natural sciences is the ambitious development plan for the University of Copenhagen’s Northern Campus area. During 2010, three international idea competitions were launched to find the advisors with the best proposals for the new science district. Ramboll succeeded in developing the winning formula for all three competitions.

“The proposal for the first project, the Niels Bohr Science Park, benefited from the close cooperation in the consultancy team. We worked together in an atmosphere of confidence and mutual respect, which made it possible to challenge and inspire each other across disciplines and companies. It was collaboration in the true sense of the word, resulting in the creation of a winning formula out of chaos,” says Bjarke Curtz Jansen, team captain of the winning team behind the suggestion for the Niels Bohr Science Park.

This collaboration concept was used in the following project proposals, and in the end led to the suggestion for the new Panum Institute being named by the jury as “the most convincing and supreme suggestion for an extension in the competition”.


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