Psychiatric Hospital, Slagelse (GAPS)

Psychiatric Hospital Slagelse, Denmark - hall and staircase

Psychiatric Hospital Slagelse, Denmark - hall and staircase

This psychiatric hospital is the largest and most ambitious psychiatric facility in Denmark. The 44,000 sqm building comprises wards for general psychiatry and forensic psychiatry, and includes a high-security ward, an outpatient clinic, training facilities, a swimming pool and a centre for research and education.

The hospital combines several existing functions within psychiatry, which were previously placed in different locations, into one facility that serves a wide variety of patients, from day patients to high security patients.

The former facilities were both outdated and placed in different cities in Zealand, not providing the patients with the best facilities for recovery, and furthermore causing logistical costs due to transport and the high expenses of running different facilities at once. 

Hence, the overall aim of this project is to provide the patients with the best facilities and experts, gathered on one location, also securing very attractive educational options and development options for doctors, scientists and other employees. 

The philosophy behind the project includes the principles of recovery and healing architecture, transparency and proximity between people and functions, universality, flexibility and hierarchy of space and stimuli. Here, state-of-the-art Danish psychiatry principles have been successfully translated into architecture that is supportive, warm and welcoming, focusing on each single patient. 

Ramboll has been responsible for the building site management, managing the quite large and complicated building logistics with more than 20 contractors working simultaneously on different parts of the project. Further, Ramboll has been responsible for managing the building economy of the project. GAPS is an abbreviation of the Danish name for the project which means Realisation of Psychiatric Hospital, Slagelse. 

More photos of psychiatric hospital Slagelse on the website of Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter (Danish website)


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