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The two bog areas of Tinkerup Mose and Multebærmosen are both protected natural areas in the Municipality of Elsinore - they lie within the National Park of Northern Zealand. In the 19th century this landscape consisted of a large, expansive area of peat consisting of poor fenland, raised bogs and numerous small bogs where peat had been excavated.

Both of the bogs are today privately owned, and face different threats in addition to some common problems. They are threatened by the encroachment of the Common reed, and several different tree-types.  The bogs are also suffering a decline in species diversity, which is a common problem in delicate ecosystems like these.  The Municipality of Elsinore is giving the issue of conservation in these areas a great deal of attention.

Maintaining biological values in a protected natural area

In order to investigate all the options for restoring the two bogs, Ramboll surveyed the area -  paying special attention to non-natural effects on the water level in the bogs, the extent and causes of encroachment by non-native species, and indicators in the vegetation pointing towards disturbance or especially sensitive areas.

The fieldwork and subsequent analyses showed that at Tinkerup Mose, the greatest threat is the increasing encroachment of scrub and reeds – this causes the surface of the bog to dry out.  In Multebærmosen the problem is eutophication – agricultural fertilizers drain into the bog from surrounding farmland and cause the unsustainable growth of species living there. 

This causes the water level to fall too low, as well as depleting the oxygen level in that water.  
Ramboll suggested various different methods of restoring the bog area; they could be carried out either individually or in combination. The possible solutions ranged from cutting off water run-off from nearby houses to blocking the ditches and drains around the bogs, and establishing a buffer zone around the areas to avoid disturbance from agriculture. A plan for reed-cutting over several years was discussed, as well the manual removal of young tree-growth in the bogs.


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